Service Technician (Odessa)

* Denotes essential functions of the job description.

  1. *Exercise good organizational skills as a means to prepare for the installation of all tubing assemblies and threaded pipe housings.
  2. *Have the mental ability to read shop drawings, blueprints, flow sheets and assembly instructions readily, to perform assemble of all piping, tubing, and control devices to equipment, as required.
  3. *Have the mental ability to use basic math skills and measuring skills to match job order dimensions to the tubing, pipe and plate metal to be used in production.
  4. *Be able to operate most machines in the Service department, including but not limited to, threading machine, overhead crane, drill press, bench grinder, forklift, welding machine, reamer, portaband saw, air beveler and torch beveler.
  5. *Be able to read basic electrical schematics and assemble electrical control panels, circuits and devices (i.e. thermostats, thermometers, pumps, etc.)
  6. *Have the physical ability to lift and carry piping, valves, couplings/fittings, tubing, bolts, plate metal, and various other materials, up to 100 pounds.
  7. *Have the mental ability to read blueprints or shop drawings to ascertain a list of parts necessary for construction of the fabricated vessel.
  8. *Be capable of performing the tasks assigned to the Service department in excess of 20 times daily for a minimum of 8 hours daily, without back support.
  9. *Have an exceptional knowledge of how a fabricated vessel is to operate so that he may properly determine the working pressure rating, material identification, etc. He must be able to connect and perform the subsequent testing of the unit and make the proper adjustments as required.
  10. Have the mental ability to compare job order requisitions to inventory in stock and to utilize a bill of materials as a means to advise the Warehouse Foreman of any shortages.

    You can either fax your application to Personnel at 432-337-2624 or drop it off at the main Odessa Office.
    Thank you.