Radiographer Technician (Odessa)

  1. Successfully completed 40 hours at a certified Radiation Safety School approved by the Texas Department of Health - Radiation Control Division.
  2. Have the mandatory Level II (training, experience and examination) required by the Society of Non-Destructive Testing guidelines and written procedures.
  3. Have the mental ability to read and interpret non-destructive testing sheets, blueprints and their symbols, welding techniques and procedures, as a means of shop fabrication problem solving.
  4. Have the mental and physical ability to load film-processing belts and develop radiographic film in an automatic or manual environment.
  5. Read and interpret the radiographic film.
  6. Physically catch and transport film from the Radiography department to all departments requiring the results.
  7. Have the physical ability to climb vessels, stair, etc., a minimum of 20 times per day and to function in conditions resulting in no back support at least 50% of each working day.
  8. Have the mental and physical skills necessary to check sources of radiation and discern if there are any hazardous leaks and communicate those results to the manufacturer or the State.
  9. Lift and move materials and equipment in excess of 100+ pounds.
  10. Operate all equipment in the radiography department, including but not limited to, IR-192 camera, Cobalt 60 camera, survey meter, mag-particle, Rockwell Hardness tester, t-gauge, Barton recorders, yoke magnetic machine, et cetera.
  11. Successfully complete Standard, Color and Jaegar eye examinations, yearly, according to A.S.M.E. code.
  12. Use a magnetic particle machine as a means to test for cracks in vessels.
  13. Operate an ultrasonic Thickness gauge.
  14. Perform the function of Radiation Safety Officer, as required by the State of Texas.

    You can either fax your application to Personnel at 432-337-2624 or drop it off at the main Odessa Office.
    Thank you.