Designer Level 2 (Odessa)

  1. Have a desire to learn more about the operation of each type of equipment he is to design and draw.
  2. Be computer literate and have the mental ability to operate CAD computer system software to draw and revise the following items with speed and accuracy: sales drawings, fireboxes, ladders, platforms, trays, heaters, separators, coils, minor assemblies, et cetera.
  3. Operate various equipment, including but not limited to, a personal computer, mainframe computer, printer computer mouse, copier, print machine, calculator, and facsimile. Have knowledge of MS Office programs and email systems.
  4. Have the mental skill to read and understand Sivalls catalog of standard equipment, the drafting file system, and the material number directory.
  5. Be capable of reading blueprints, customer specifications, A.S.M.E. (or other applicable) code regulation books, Sivalls technical manuals and data sheets to insure the product is of quality, reliability and safety.
  6. Have the mental ability to propose head, shell, skirt, base plate thickness, weld, and skid and nozzle calculations, with limited supervision, utilizing mathematical sizing programs from the computer.
  7. Draw patterns to be utilized by the Layout department for their cutting torch, to speed up shop operations.
  8. Put together job orders; including the paint sheets, non-destructive testing, stress relief forms and compiling a bill of materials before the job order goes to the shop.
  9. Have the mental ability to alter work activities to meet the demands of new situations and make every effort to perform tasks within the allotted time.
  10. Perform additional duties as directed by the Lead Designer and/or the Manager of Project Design (e.g. print and file drawings, lift and carry materials in excess of 30 pounds daily, clean and maintain machines, et cetera).
  11. Begin to learn the job duties of Designer Level 1.

    You can either fax your application to Personnel at 432-337-2624 or drop it off at the main Odessa Office.
    Thank you.