Maintenance Technicians (Odessa)

* Denotes essential functions of the job description.

  1. *Demonstrate willingness to observe safe working practices for the protection of self and others.
  2. *Have the mental and physical skills necessary to access, and to evaluate and provide, maintenance on electrical, mechanical, carpentry, plumbing, air and gas systems.
  3. *Have the mental and physical dexterity to perform simple maintenance on all machines in all departments, including but not limited to electrical saws, threading machines, presses, fill and pressure pumps, welding machines, paint equipment, stress oven, plate rolls, cutting torch, volt meter, engraver, tachometer, et cetera.
  4. *Have the mental skills and physical dexterity necessary to evaluate and provide maintenance on all tools to insure good working condition.
  5. *Have the mental ability to communicate with all employees in all departments.
  6. *Have the physical ability to climb vessels, stairs, etc., a minimum of 5 times per day and to function in conditions resulting in no back support at least 50% of each working day.
  7. *Have the mental skills and physical dexterity necessary to do a variety of maintenance work, including but not limited to, sharpening, aligning, cleaning, filling, measuring, reading schematics and reading blueprints.
  8. Be able to operate the stress-relieving oven according to American Petroleum Institute (API) requirements.
  9. Have a minimal amount of knowledge of building standards and electrical code.
  10. Have the mental skills and physical dexterity necessary to wire, connect and test the instrumentation and power systems on Sivalls manufactured products.

    You can either fax your application to Personnel at 432-337-2624 or drop it off at the main Odessa Office.
    Thank you.