Inside Sales Representative (Odessa)

  1. Develop customer quotations on standard and modified equipment to include catalog price, customer name, branch involvement and equipment type.
  2. Generate an order and sale notes form for Coordinating to enter the job order into the system.
  3. Be self-motivated and to re-arrange priorities to meet customer needs. This includes, advancing customer rapport, providing pricing information, routing service technicians, or promoting the Company through printed brochures, sizing manuals, and other reference materials.
  4. Have the mental ability to, maintain the status of customer production orders, review quotes with all interested parties, check on the status of sales, and see that all work is documented and invoiced to the customer.
  5. Be capable of making informed recommendations on any of Sivalls product line, both standard and custom built fabricated equipment. He must provide customer support and problem solving for its clients, especially its client engineers.
  6. Have the mental ability to utilize mathematical sizing programs from the computer to determine the parameters for equipment sizing and placement.
  7. Be capable of operating a computer so that he may generate internal reports, letters and other records, as well as maintain customer lists. He must be capable of operating other standard office equipment as well; including but not limited to, printer, copier, facsimile, calculator, et cetera. Have knowledge of MS Office programs and email system.
  8. Act as liaison between the outside sales personnel and all other departments within the organization.

    You can either fax your application to Personnel at 432-337-2624 or drop it off at the main Odessa Office.
    Thank you.