Chemical Engineer (Odessa)

  1. Develop a feasibility study of the mechanical and process design from a customer inquiry and define the quote.
  2. Evaluate the Proposal Departmentís proposed quote; prepare preliminary data sheets, a proposed flow chart, and a proposed bill of materials.
  3. Develop a detailed study of the mechanical and process design, a detailed flow chart, and a detailed bill of material upon a customer approved job order.
  4. Approve the job order so that drawings may be produced. The employee will review drawings for economical design.
  5. Supervise the technical aspects of the purchasing, fabrication, field site installation, start-up and operation.  This function may involve traveling (at irregular intervals) between the home office and lease sites or client companies.
  6. Write operating manuals for manufactured equipment as needed.
  7. Assist the manufacturing plant in the problem solving for job construction.
  8. Assist the Purchasing department in material substitution and procurement.
  9. Assist the Coordinating department in expediting the project with problem solving in the outside and inside inspection.
  10. Assist Quality Control in the interpretation of standards on job orders.
  11. Design weld procedures and optimal fabrication methods.
  12. Have the mental ability to apply scientific fact or theories to provide a useable product.
  13. Interface with the customer on technical aspects of the job.
  14. Be capable of reading blueprints, process flow sheets, A.S.M.E. (or other applicable) code regulation books, and Sivalls technical manuals regularly, to insure product quality, reliability and safety.
  15. Operate various equipment, including but not limited to, computer system, personal computer, printer, copier, scientific calculator, telephone, and facsimile machine. Have knowledge of MS Office programs and email system.
  16. Have the physical dexterity to climb stairs, vessels, ET cetera at irregular intervals.
  17. Possess an approved Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from an accredited college.

          You can either fax your application to Personnel at 432-337-2624 or drop it off at the main Odessa Office.
          Thank you.